Monday, 28 June 2010

because i havent posted in ages

Well i havent posted in ages ive been so bizzzy . well actually ive been out all weekend drinking :)
but ive been designing new skirts and creating my dress pattern :).
im oficially i buisness i have labels now:) ive all ready sold my first skirt in the same day and orders on they way .

I love my labels :)

these are some of my new fabrics :) i bought all of the fabrics left in the shop
i wanted vintage fabric he said hes had these fabrics since 1950 :) there all 100% cotton
and wash lovely ,ive made myself a skirt in every fabric there lovely in the red hot sun .

and my lovely boyfriend bought me these shoes :):):)
i wanted to cry when i saw them
comments are all read and apreciated :)


  1. those shoes are amazing, so lovely :')
    such a wonderful blog, just so you know.

  2. Cute skirts! and your labels are cute haha!

  3. Luv da shoes! xxxx