Tuesday, 21 April 2009

photography exam

well today wa sutterly pointless to be fair silly exam sticking down photos for 5 hours:/
and i worked out today my life is going no where really i got my
silly wish list out for 2009
*loose weight
*get pretty with an intresting face
*have lots of money
*sort my head out
*have a nice boyfriend who dresses nice:)
*make more time for todd
*actaully get good grades
*drink less
*keep a diary

well so far this year ive done let me count none of those
well this is sort of a diary i sopose but a part from that
and the past month or so ive been obviously not thinkg straight to be tret how i have been by boys and let it happen
well fuck that they are the wank stain of life
but under that hair cut he is fit :)

anyways ill stop moaning the exam was shit but out park sortie at dinner was mint

and my hair dresser has got me into this band egles of deathmetal nothing to do with death metal mind but yeah there mint :)