Saturday, 19 March 2011


 Well ive finally started putting some of my MISS MANDA VINTAGE goodies on my ebay shop
 .Im holding a stall again at Judys affordable vintage fair in Newcastle on May the 7th (day before my birthday :) ) heres a sneak peak at some of my finds . Please take a look i have fur coats ,sequins,teddy bears and amazing shoes !!

60s floral sequin jumper take a look

70s butterfly sequin top take a look

my amazing floral puff sleeve shirt .dosent it look like the one in topshop for £35 hmmm

paisley collots wow :) take a look

beautiful lace shirt :) take a look  

well im off out in the sun looking for more vintage treasures xx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Re doing my blog is trickey than I thought

 Im trying to sort out my blog but i appear to just be in a muddle so it looks a bit rubbish 
but  I have watched possibly one of the best british films today .
An education , i want to live in this film !! 


And this is possibly they most romantic photo ever . 
I want to go to paris and drink expensive wine and wear pretty dresses and red lipstick .

Saturday, 26 February 2011

hospital :(

well Ive been into hospital this week , I found out on Tuesday i had sewing needle in the back of my knee 
but its not of recently apparently it had been in there for a few years :o . So after a few xrays and sits in waiting rooms i was of to hospital for a operation :(. It all went OK but I'm feeling sorry for myself as I wasted my week off !! . 

But I suppose I have lots of time to do things and start on my new project .
But I've decided I've got boring and from this point onwards I solemnly swear i will be brave in my fashion and will be fun and exciting again , i wont say i need to loose weight before buying nice clothes . And i will start spending all my money on clothes again :) .

Monday, 21 February 2011

Super Mario embroidery

 step by step game play  project as promised

I Hope you liked it it took me long enough :)
for my next project im going to explore further into crafts in a contempary context 
I have a week of so im going to be all creative and crafty .

Saturday, 12 February 2011

im ashamed of how long its been since i last posted

so i sopose id better start using this blog i need to use it for my art and for my vintage clothes ect :) . I shal have a empire one day . ill just post some photos i found on my mams laptop tonight and get all serious blogging tomorrow after work . O yeah i work in argos now haha .

this is just some of my a level stuff


This is what im working on at the minute my nintendo embroidery ill post some propper photos later

And this is the last a level project i did i love my alice hat :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Etsy account is finally set up :) pleas ego ans see

I got my crdit card and finally set up my Etsy acccount :)
please go and see my first items for sale :) shop shop shop

Friday, 9 July 2010

fashion shoot

This is my most exspensive skirt its hand embelished for a extra sparkle its £50
But without the embelishment its £20 .


This is my blue bow fountion top skirt irts made from 100% cotton from the 1960
this one is £20

This skirt is also a fountion top and is also 100% cotton from 1960
vintage skirts have never been so vintage

This skirt is my most unique i bought the very last of this 60s fabric ,this is the only one skirt of its kind

I am setting up a etsy site soon and will be in full production alsong with other items and jewlrey :)