Saturday, 26 February 2011

hospital :(

well Ive been into hospital this week , I found out on Tuesday i had sewing needle in the back of my knee 
but its not of recently apparently it had been in there for a few years :o . So after a few xrays and sits in waiting rooms i was of to hospital for a operation :(. It all went OK but I'm feeling sorry for myself as I wasted my week off !! . 

But I suppose I have lots of time to do things and start on my new project .
But I've decided I've got boring and from this point onwards I solemnly swear i will be brave in my fashion and will be fun and exciting again , i wont say i need to loose weight before buying nice clothes . And i will start spending all my money on clothes again :) .


  1. Oh dear! A sewing needle in your knee! Ouch!


  2. I know it must be why i liked sewing so much haha , o well its out now just lots of rest :) . Your blogs really good i will be following :) x