Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I mada a IKEA skirt :)

Well after my ikea trip i decided to use the fabric i bought to make a new skirt :).

This is how i made it step by step .


I first made a side seem

Then a tube at the top to put my waist band elastic in


I left a gap to thread my ellastic in


I then cut it to a appropriate length

And now my finished skirt :)
I m thinking of making these and selling them x


  1. wow thats really good, i wish i had your skills, i love the pattern aswell :) i think thats a really good idea :D xx

  2. that is so good! i would buy one off you ahahaha :') xxxxxxx

  3. :) thanks well as im finished collage im a bum at the minute so my mammys teaching me how to make lots of clothes ,if i get good enough i think i might start selling some stuff .Its just knitting im stuck with im hopeless with needles haha :) xxx

  4. Bekah its funny i said to my mam when i made it i bet bekah dale wants one because its from ikea hahah :) ill make you one if you want bekah ,well go choose some fabric you can be my model haha xxx

  5. robbie youd look beautiful :)
    nar im going to start selling them probs for like £10 or £12 quid depending on the fabric :)

  6. Ah! I want to make one! I wish I had a sewing machine! I would like to do a nautical theme one. :)