Wednesday, 16 June 2010

i improved my ikea skirt :)

Well i made this skirt today :) im deffo going to sell my skirts and ill start at any size but i will be making big skirt for big ladies :) im sick of going into shops and think oo will it fit me :/ so im making a well fitting skirt for every size :) ill ask for hips and waist measurements and how long it nhas to be a make to order :) . I think
£ 12 to £20  well it totally depends on what fabric it is ,for my high quality fabrics it is quitre expensive .

But i embelished my ikea skirt it took me the best part of 2 days haha but its worth it totally
does it look good?

Let me know if this is a good idea :)


  1. i love it, it makes it look more edgy :D xx

  2. :) im glad it was worth it ,the ammount of times i priked my finger though haha .
    Im hopefully going to start making to order soon
    when i get my labels embroided ill be in buisiness :) xx

  3. Nice skirt! Ikea? who would have thought it would make an awesome skirt!

    -karla <-- blogger love?<33

  4. hiya sweets
    im a new follower:)
    cant believe how amazing your skirt looks
    i am def gonna try this out
    well done you
    belle xxxx